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This charming village is located on the northern coast of Sicily, about 70 km from Palermo.

Thanks to the strategic importance of the place, Cefalù was inhabited since primitive times. Kephaloidion and Coephaledium for Greeks and Romans, meaning head or also top, extremity.

The city is dominated by a monumental rock that rises up to 270 metres in height already known to the Phoenicians as “promontory of Hercules” on which the Temple of Diana stands, a megalithic building linked to the worship of the water. Its urban history begins around the fourth century BC, and continues with an important work of re-foundation under the Normans on the XII century, with the construction of the Cathedral commissioned by King Roger II who, according to legend, had vowed to build it if he survived a storm that had invested his ship. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, a perfect example of the southern Romanesque style. The interior of the Cathedral fascinates above all for its wooden ceiling, an important example of Islamic art in Sicily, and for the splendid mosaics that cover the apse and the walls. Of extraordinary beauty is the Christ Pantocrator of Byzantine style: perhaps the most sublime representation of Christ realized in Christian art.

We also suggest to visit the Mandralisca Museum, which contains finds from excavations carried out near Cefalù and in the Aeolian Islands.


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