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Lampedusa, together with Linosa and Lampione composes the Pelagie archipelago, from the Greek name Pelaghiè, Islands of the high seas, shards of African land emersed from the Mediterranean Sea. The urban center of the island, offers everything for the tourist entertainment: delicious restaurants along the beach, tourist accommodation, rental of means of transport (cars, bicycles, electric or gasoline scooters). There are places with a stillness and silence ideal if you really want to isolate yourself. 

The other Pelagie islands: Linosa and Lampione

Linosa island, near Lampedusa, has black, volcanic rocks, as an explosion of lava. Its beaches are arduous and black, and open onto an intense green sea, perfect for discovering its wonderful seabeds. In the heart of its inhabited area, foreshortenings of daily life and histories told by the islanders.


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