The Gods city

The Valley of the Temples: the beating heart of Agrigento. An enchanted valley, with flowering almond trees, is the most imposing monumental complex of Magna Graecia. Even today the Valley of the Temples continues to be the most known and praised area of the city that the poet Pindar called “the most beautiful among those inhabited by mortals”. Founded between the two rivers Jpsas and Akragas in 582 BC by a group of Greek settlers from Gela, the city of Agrigento was an important base for the expansion of Greek civilization in Sicily and was home to artists and famous men, including the philosopher Empedocles.
The construction of the temples dates back to the time of the tyrants who ruled the ancient Akragas: it was the Tyrant Terone, In fact, to want the construction of the Temple of Jupiter Olympian to celebrate the victory over the Carthaginians in 480 BC. This period dates back to the construction of most of the temples that enriched this extraordinary valley.