Aeolian islands

The ancient island of Alicudi, located as the westernmost of the Aeolian Islands. It offers a true paradise for diving lovers, thanks to the incredible beauty of its seabed. Even today, Alicudi retains a suggestive atmosphere, as transport takes place only on foot or by donkeys along the steep mule tracks that cross the town and extend to the top of the mountain.

In this corner of the world, time seems to have stopped, creating an environment in which tranquility reigns supreme.

Moreover, Alicudi turns into a real paradise for those who want to immerse themselves in an experience of absolute relaxation and connection with unspoilt nature.

Furthermore, the island preserves the charm of authenticity, escaping the frenetic modern dynamics and offering an escape to a serene past.

Visitors can leave the hustle and bustle of the cities and discover the pristine peace of the island. The slow rhythms and simplicity of everyday life combine to create a feeling of deep relaxation.

The magic of Alicudi lies in its ability to capture the essence of ancient time and present it in a contemporary context. Guests have the opportunity to carve out moments of peace and contemplation without equal, among breathtaking landscapes.