Aeolian islands

Initially known as Phoenicusa, the island of Filicudi preserves its pristine character and away from mass tourism, making it an ideal attraction for lovers of wild nature.

Capo Graziano and Pecorini Mare are the beautiful beaches of the island, together with the steep and majestic coasts surrounded by impressive rock formations such as La Canna, are a true paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

The translucent azure waters that grace the shores of Filicudi are a haven for diverse marine life. It creates an exquisite tapestry of underwater biodiversity. This aquatic haven not only boasts breathtaking views but also provides an extraordinary sensory encounter. Visitors immerse themselves in an unprecedented experience.

One of the island’s most alluring treasures is the access to Grotta del Bue Marino, a hidden gem that can only be reached by sea.

Yet, beyond these visual marvels, the true essence of Filicudi’s opulence lies in the untarnished purity of its environment.

A seemingly untouched kingdom of time invites travelers to embark on an expedition, inviting them to discover the innate magnificence of its surroundings. This siren’s call resonates with an invitation to become an active participant in the island’s enchanting narrative. It offers itself as a canvas for exploration and a portal into a marine universe teeming with dynamism and charm.