Gole dell'Alcantara

Geometries of nature

“Gole Dell’Alcantara”, a natural jewel located in the northeastern region of Sicily, are a geological wonder that enchants visitors with their pristine beauty. This spectacular geological formation was shaped by the course of the homonymous Alcantara River, which dug deep gorges into the basaltic lava rock over the millennia.

The walls of the gorges feature extraordinary basalt columns, which rise majestically like natural sculptures. Flowing through these walls, the Alcantara River creates natural pools with crystal clear and fresh water. In addition, it offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique and fascinating environment.

The “Gole Dell’Alcantara” offer not only spectacular natural beauty, but also opportunities to venture through paths that allow you to explore the canyon from different perspectives. Besides that, you can also experience the thrill of a water hike or climb along the walls.

In addition to its magnificent natural beauty, the Alcantara Gorges also offer facilities such as picnic areas, refreshment points and areas equipped for relaxation. This makes the whole experience suitable for both adventure seekers and those who simply want to enjoy a day of quiet recreation in a unique natural setting.

In summary, the Alcantara Gorges represent a hidden treasure of Sicily. A place where natural beauty and adventure come together in an unforgettable experience, inviting visitors to discover the incredible power and elegance of nature.