Egadi islands

Deep blu sea

The Egadi Islands are immersed in a natural environment of rare beauty, where there is the largest Marine Protected Area in Europe, attract every year tourists and diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

It’s the biggest island in the Egadi Islands. The village, all gathered around the port, retains buildings of great interest, such as the Florio building and some baroque churches. Entirely accessible by bike without difficulty, the island is dotted with coves and beautiful caves lapped by a turquoise and clear sea. Named Aegusa by the Greeks, it is named after the wind Favonius. In Favignana, every year, the ancient ritual of slaughter is renewed, the traditional tuna fishing practiced for over five centuries. Here there is the largest tuna trap in the Mediterranean, an impressive example of industrial archeology, important for the island’s economy for several centuries, and now become a museum.

Authentic paradise for divers for the beauty of its backdrops, Levanzo is also known for the ancient Grotta del Genovese, which retains beautiful graffiti and decorations dating back to about 15,000 years ago. To visit Pizzo del Monaco and the characteristic faraglione joined by a tongue of rock above water.

Tidal wave
In the tiny white town of the most distant of the Egadi you can stay exclusively in the houses of fishermen, from which you can also rent a boat to complete the picturesque tour of the island. Mountainous, unlike the other two, hides fresh water springs that make dense and spontaneous vegetation of the island. To visit the Caves of the Crib, Bombarda and Camel, which is accessed only by the sea.