Aeolian islands

Lipari is the largest island in the archipelago and its lively and picturesque port is dominated by the majestic fortress. On this, stands the ancient Civita, with its centuries-old castle and the Norman cathedral. A panorama of extraordinary beauty is offered by the obsidian flows of the Red Rocks and the white pumice flows that blend in a chromatic dance with the turquoise waters of the sea.

The heart of Lipari has a lively atmosphere. You can walk along the streets, go shopping and relax in the characteristic bars that line the main avenue. A must is a visit to the Luigi Bernabo Brea Archaeological Museum, which tells the thousand-year history of the island through finds and testimonies.

Lipari is also the base for day trips by boat to the other enchanting Aeolian Islands. These excursions allow you to explore the most remote corners of the archipelago, revealing more natural and cultural jewels.

The intrinsic beauty of Lipari is combined with the liveliness of its daily life, offering a variety of experiences to discover. This island not only contains the charm of its historical sites and geological wonders, but is also an ideal starting point to explore the entire archipelago, capturing the essence of the adventure and authenticity of the Aeolian Islands.