Egadi islands

Marettimo, the wildest and most intact of the Egadi Islands, reveals its uniqueness thanks to its remoteness and the inaccessible nature of its terrain. This isolation has preserved an extraordinary biodiversity, housing unique Mediterranean species that thrive in an unspoilt environment.

Characterized by majestic mountains, Marettimo stands out from the other islands of the archipelago for its fresh water springs, which contribute to a lush vegetation. In the small village, dotted with the white houses of the fishermen, there is an atmosphere that evokes a bygone era, maintaining a sense of authenticity and tradition.

One of the experiences not to be missed is the boat excursion to explore the beautiful sea caves of Marettimo, reachable only by sea. These enchanting caves open the doors to a fascinating and hidden underwater world, where the play of lights and colors creates a unique show.

Marettimo is a natural refuge that offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unspoilt beauty of nature. In addition to its beautiful scenery, the island enchants with its authenticity and its quiet rhythm. Far from crowds and bustle, Marettimo allows visitors to find an authentic contact with nature and explore a fascinating and surprising marine world.