Aeolian islands

Panarea is undoubtedly the most exclusive among the Aeolian Islands, this destination represents the continuous pleasure, both day and night, attracting boat travelers, celebrities and tourists from every corner of the world.

Among the islands, Panarea is the oldest, with origins linked to the basaltic rocks of Basiluzzo, Dattilo and Lisca Bianca, emerging from the surrounding waters.

From Punta Milazzese, which houses the traces of an ancient prehistoric village, the remains of 23 huts persist. An ancient path then leads to Cala Junco, an enchanting bay of the archipelago. Its crystal clear waters paint a kaleidoscopic spectacle, fading from emerald green to turquoise and deep blue. This natural scenery gives a breathtaking experience to those who visit it.

The island is a mix of elegance, history and natural beauty. In addition to the seascapes, it offers historic places such as Punta Milazzese, which connects visitors with the remote past of the island. The call of the blue sea, the cliffs and the calm waters blends with the possibility of exploring ancient ruins, making the island a fascinating fusion of elements.

An experience on this island conveys the feeling of an exclusive and fascinating world, a synthesis of luxury, history and natural beauty.