Aeolian islands

The island of Salina is distinguished by its charming districts, including S. Maria di Salina, Malfa, Lingua, Pollara and Leni, each offering an enchanting variety of natural landscapes. From picturesque coves to volcanic coves and ancient craters, such as Mount Fossa delle Felci, which stands almost 1,000 meters high and houses impressive ferns aquiline. The shallow, sandy seabed offers an extraordinary snorkeling experience, allowing you to explore the rich marine flora and fauna and observe volcanic phenomena known as “dismal,” manifestations of gases and vapors from the bottom that testify to volcanic activity.

Salina is renowned for its capers and the fine fortified wine.

Malvasia, a typical Aeolian delicacy.

In the picturesque village of Pollara, Massimo Troisi has set some scenes of his famous film “Il Postino” in 1994. From this beach you can admire a spectacular sunset, considered among the most beautiful in the world, which paints the sky with enchanting shades.

Nestled among the Aeolian Islands, Salina emerges as an enchanting destination. It harmoniously blends the charm of its natural beauty with the opulent tapestry of culinary and cultural traditions. Its landscapes, with unparalleled charm and cinema, together with its rich marine biodiversity, extend an irresistible invitation for travelers to fully embrace its authentic and timeless charm.