Aeolian islands

The island of Vulcano emerges as an authentic fossil of antiquity in the world, constantly surrounded by sulphurous fumaroles from its eruptive vent, located at 386 meters above sea level, and characterized by the renowned thermal mud, ideal for a regenerating outdoor bath all year round, as well as in nearby sulphurous waters.

The imposing crater, easily accessible, offers a panoramic view. It overlooks the ports of Levante and Ponente, as well as the suggestive Valle dei Mostri, so called for the curious shapes carved in the lava rocks. Not to be missed are also the extraordinary natural landscapes that characterize the northwest coast of the island. Wild and semi-desert area, where there are the enchanting black beaches of Gelso, Capo Grillo and the Grotta del Cavallo.

The experience at Vulcano promises a journey into unspoilt nature, revealing beauty corners that seem captured in time. This volcanic paradise offers a number of scenic and geological wonders. These make it an ideal option for travelers looking for a unique and authentic environment. Planning an excursion to Vulcano means immersing yourself in an unforgettable scenery and rediscovering the ancestral magic of this beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Ultimately, this destination offers much more than a volcanic spectacle. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of natural and geological wonders.