About Us

Since 2001, your experienced partner in Sicily

We’re a leading incoming operator specialized, since more than 20 years, in groups, individuals travels and events in Sicily and smaller islands.

We’ve made hospitality our job because from the very beginning we’ve always been very passionate about the art of hospitality.
For 20 years our job has been to make your travels as unique as possible.

No matter whether you’re travelling as a group or on your own, together we will find the travel combination that works best for you.
All you have to do is to pick when to go on your next adventure and who you want to bring with you! 

Our taking care of details, our developing tailor-made, high quality and innovative products linked to the “excellence” of our territory, art, culture, traditions and gastronomy.

Trust our knowledge as locals… We’re travel advisors with a passion.

The strength of our company comes from the motivation and experience of its travel consultants who for over twenty years have worked with passion at the service of tour operators and travel agencies.
A young and dynamic multilingual team will assist you in your planning and sales activities, guaranteeing quality and exclusivity of services, efficiency and professionalism.

We guarantee to our partners reliability of services by selecting the most professional suppliers: bus companies, hotel chains, restaurants, travel guides and tour escorts.

Strictly tailor made! Because each of us is like an island …

There are multiple ways to travel and multiple ways to discover your destination.
Each one of us is an island who looks for and expects something different and unique from their travels…
This is the philosophy that since the very beginning has inspired us to offer to each traveler their tailor-made “travel experience”.

We passionately and accurately select our itineraries, by combining themed activities and brand-new offerings to empower you to fully enjoy your destination in its most authentic form.

All there is left to do, is for you to let us create your vacation, because we know there wonderful places really well and we love offering them to you with a little originality!