Discover our proposals for honeymoons, sewn on the needs of the bride and groom

Our personalised honeymoon packages try to make your dream of love come true.

According to an ancient tradition of Catania, newlyweds were given at the time of their entry into the church a spoonful of honey as a good omen: the groom ate half and the bride the other half, while and at the exit they were thrown grain and barley, fertility sign. It’s one of the many legends that explain the origin of the term “honeymoon”!

There is no more beautiful tradition, speaking of marriage, than the custom of completing the celebrations of the bride and groom with the “Honeymoon”. The most beautiful trip. That’s why our proposals, sewn on the bride and groom just like their dress, aim to make the honeymoon unique. Not only places to visit, but above all experiences. You call them if you want… Emotions!