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The Egadi Archipelago, formed by the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo is an extraordinary synthesis of history and nature.
In a natural environment of rare beauty, this islands attract every year tourists and divers from all over the world, being the largest protected marine area in Europe.

Many archaeological finds testify the presence of people coming from every corner of the Mediterranean since the Paleolithic era, but it's with the advent of tuna fishing that the Egadi Islands acquire great commercial importance, starting from the fifteenth century.

It is the largest island of the Archipelago: the small village, winding around the harbour, keeps beautiful buildings, such as Palazzo Florio and some Baroque churches.

Called Aegusa by the Greeks, it takes its present name from the wind Favonio. The island’s name is indissolubly linked with the traditional tuna fishing: here you find the most important Mediterranean 'Tonnara', an important element for the island’s economy since centuries ago.

Nowadays it is a museum.

The island’s coasts are rich in inlets, creeks and sea caves, lapped by a turquoise and clear sea.

A true paradise for divers for the beauty of its depths, Levanzo is also known for the ancient Grotta del Genovese, which preserves beautiful graffiti and decorations dating back to about 15,000 years ago.

In the tiny white village of the farthest of the Egadi you can only stay in fishermen's houses, from which you can also rent a boat to make the evocative circumnavigation of the island.

Surrounded by mountains, unlike the other two, hides sources of fresh water that make the island's vegetation thick and spontaneous.

Egadi Islands

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